C-I & How Do I? NFC Helps Me

C-I & How Do I? NFC Helps Me

This week we had the pleasure of meeting Tom Casson from How Do I? NFC Helps Me, based at Swiss Cottage in North London. These guys have a background in teaching and working with people with additional needs and saw an opportunity to make even more of a difference.

Like us, their aim is to put knowledge in the places where people want and need to share it, with the goal of improving people’s quality of life and ability to act, as much as possible, as free, informed and independent Agents.

Using their app and bespoke content, How Do I? enables organisations and individuals to ‘pin’ instructional, step-by-step videos to everyday objects and embed that knowledge into the physical spaces that people use, making it accessible through NFC capable connected devices, just like us e.g. How Do I: Boil a kettle? How Do I: Use this rowing machine?

Like a Venn Intersection, our areas of interest and activity overlap and there may be potential on both sides to deliver a broader and even more inclusive range of service than we could manage individually; a parallel of curated, open and instant-access text, resources and multimedia delivered through the web-hosted C-I Platform and more bespoke content with an access and additional needs focus delivered through How Do I?

With a future meeting in the books, we are looking forward to seeing where this might lead.


Get in contact or find out more about NFC Helps Me by following the links below:

Tom@nfchelpsme.com : www.nfchelpsme.com : 07977 044 637