Digital Democracy, Branding & CSR

Digital Democracy, Branding & CSR

On Wednesday 9th, Pete and Tim – of C-I and parent company TGAC – visited the collaboration module Masters Students at Loughborough in London to catch up on their research responses to the challenges we set them about a month ago.

This year it’s all about exploring new Digital Democracy and Branding/CSR approaches and initiatives that utilise and expand upon C-I thinking, as well as, the Platform. Following an immersive tour around Hackney with our friend and colleague Professor aladin aladin, of Social Capital, the ideas really began to flow.

This type of collaboration work is always exciting and once again the Loughborough students have not disappointed!

From artisanal coffee in Hackney to global powerhouse IKEA, we are seeing real innovative thinking across a very broad spectrum of responses.

With just over a month to go before The Show – a trade fair-style event where all students on the collaborative module will present their projects – it’s time for these groups to start getting into the ‘nitty gritty’ details and thinking about their ideas and how/what they will demonstrate.

From our end, we can’t wait to see the results and start thinking about where they might lead…