Why Us?

About Us

The smartphone revolution is happening right now - the fastest ever spread of a new technology. Organisations are finding new ways to make money and engage audiences through the power of mobile communication.

City-Insights offers a flexible, cost-effective way to join the revolution. Based on mobile internet, our Platform lets you create multimedia experience points and trails linked to any location you choose. It's simple, beautiful, proven and works on all smart devices.

Our Content

We're not typical technology people. Our background is in narrative design and business communication, so we know all about engaging audiences with key messages through different media.

We offer help with content planning, graphic design, scripting, editing and updating. It's all about making your story sharp, direct and compelling for hand-held viewing.

We can support your project with wayfinding, leaflets, maps and graphic panels that integrate seamlessly with your content and online look and feel.

Our Vision

Our Platform really does transform a place through the story you choose to tell there - whether it's location-specific information, promotional messages, views and voices from the past and present, or a full 'digital placemaking' project.

We call it The Power of Here. We want it to be everywhere.

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Sharing knowledge, expertise and best practice through participation

"The smart device revolution only began in 2007 - I am proud that we are among the first to explore its potential for location-based experiences"

Mark Woods - Founder Director

"In today's market, content is key. It's great to be part of a team that combines tech knowhow and amazing creativity"

Sarah Mallock - Founder Director

"I love my conversations with clients - each time we discover new things our Platform can deliver"

Tim Gardom - Founder Director

"Every business needs to join the mobile revolution and we have made this accessible and low-risk"

Mohammed Rahman - Business Development Manager

"Our Platform always amazes clients - projects they think will take months can be up and running in days."

Mike Gardom - Founder Director